Problem Solving Equipment for Puppies


Dogs (especially puppies) should have plenty of safe toys to chew on. Consider Nylabones and Gumabones (soaked in bouillon), Rhino or Kong toys (stuffed with peanut butter) or compressed rawhide. Also, an anti-chewing deterrent, applied several times daily, should be used on objects you wish your puppy or dog to avoid. In addition, make sure you set your pup of for success. Don’t allow her to have access to the items you do not want to be chewed on such as your favorite pair of sneakers!


Provide your dog with a digging pit with hidden chew toys. Bury small lava rocks below the ground surface in non-acceptable digging spots. Give your dog plenty of exercise to prevent boredom.


Treat affected area with an odor neutralizer. Purchase a crate and crate train the puppy, or when you are not at home, place the puppy in a confined space such as a smaller bathroom. The puppy will not like to soil her den.

House Manners

Tether your dog with a 4 foot chain leash for time outs in the house when playing gets out of hand. Provide plenty of chew toys and again lots of exercise to keep the rough playing which can be such wonderful releases to the dog, outside. Never leave your dog unattended while tethered.

  • An ounce of puppy prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being aware of what your untrained puppy or dog is doing at all times will help prevent him from behaving inappropriately.
  • Reward correct behavior is also critical. Know what your dog likes and reward him when he is being good. Most owners ignore their dogs when they are good! Praise a quiet, calm non-jumping puppy. Please don’t reward your dog for free, or he will not want to work for it.
  • Be consistent; do not allow your dog to engage in behavior that you will not want when he is fully grown.

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