The Running Dog Ranch Is Certified, Licensed and Insured in Dog Behavior Modification and Training.

We specialize in Behavior Modification Training, canine adventures, exercise, socialization and lots of play time. We use modern positive, dog friendly, non-coercive, relationship building focused training methods. We offer small group outings as well as private sessions, conveniently picked up and dropped of at your home in central Marin. We are able to provide individualized attention in our small group outings, thus enhancing the speed of learning, reinforcing and maintaining desirable acceptable behaviors.

Vaccination Requirements

We request all dogs to have vaccinations for canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies within the last three years. We also accept serum antibody titer tests. After discussion with your veterinarian, if you choose not to vaccinate your dog, please contact to discuss as we want to support your informed decision. Please also have your dog on an anti flea and tick remedy. Heartworm is not required.

DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid & CPR Courses

The goal of our DOGSAFE® courses is to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills which will empower you to take positive action in the event of any emergency involving a dog.

The Running Dog Ranch Is Certified and Insured in Healing Touch for Animals and Is a Practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Acupressure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on thousands of years of clinical observation, and practitioners have established a comprehensive body of knowledge concerning the energetic and physiology of the body. The body, human or animal, is seen as an energetic entity that must be in balance with itself and it’s environment, since everything is inter-related.  TCM Animal Acupressure and Healing Touch for Animals Therapy are two incredibly advanced studies that we have incorporated in our services to strive for and promote an ultimate, overall health and holistic wellness.

Services We Offer


Canine Private Behavior Modification & Training Consultation

We provide private Behavior Modification & Training Consultation including puppy training. All family members are welcome during these training sessions (1.5 hrs). Shorter or longer sessions will be prorated accordingly.

We work on aggression, anxieties, shy and fearful behavioral issues, puppy training as well as basic obedience manners. We provide an individual assessment and design a training plan best suited for you and your dog. We meet in your home and outside finding suitable places to conduct the training sessions. Additional family dogs are welcome for an additional $30. Please contact for scheduling and availability.

Cost: $180 (1.5 Hour Session)
Phone Consultation: $100/hr (1/2 Hour Min.)
Drive Time Charge: $30/hr. There is no drive time charge if you are located within 10 miles of Corte Madera.


Healing Touch for Animals (Domestic Pets, Farm Animals & Wild Life)

Healing Touch for Animals Energy Sessions are offered in the most comfortable place for your animal, followed by a phone consultation. The Healing Touch for Animals techniques have proven to promote healing due the state of relaxation the body is guided in and can provide pain relief, stress reduction, accelerated wound healing & improve immune system function. In addition HTA works to deepen the animal/human bond.

The HTA Sessions are extremely effective regarding :

  • overall well-being
  • health issues
  • healing from accidents and injuries
  • pain control
  • disease prevention
  • trauma
  • anxiety and stress reduction
  • separation issues
  • grief
  • behavior modification
  • competition performance
  • training focus
  • deepen animal/human bond
  • ease the dying process
  • support during euthanasia

Cost: $125 (1 Hour Session)
Drive Time Charge: $30/hr. There is no drive time charge if you are located within 10 miles of Corte Madera.


TCM Animal Acupressure

The Running Dog Ranch strives to assists in achieving an overall health and balance of the mind, body and spirit in every animal.  If disharmony occurs, the harmonious balance is disrupted in some way, indicated by illness or behavioral issues. As an Animal Acupuncturist we strive to find patterns and indicators of disruption. Using methods of systematically classifying information we set forth with therapy sessions to re-balance and promote overall health and wellness.

Animal Acupressure is another modality of great importance as we always strive for ultimate overall health and a holistic wellness.

Cost: $125 (1 Hour Session)
Drive Time Charge: $30/hr. There is no drive time charge if you are located within 10 miles of Corte Madera.


Group Canine Paw Adventures

For all dogs – some might be little or big, not forgetting our older generation, all placed in the appropriate group. Puppies must be at least 5 months of age. Options available for younger pups, please inquire. These sessions have up to four dogs maximum. Total time, including driving, pick up and drop off is 1.5-2.0 hours. There are three sessions a day, M-F, 8:30am, 11:00am and 1:30pm respectively. This outdoor adventure takes place in the hills of Marin and consists of a 60 minute off-leash (depending on obedience level) trail run/hike with basic training and socialization throughout the adventure. Water breaks and snacks provided. House pick up and drop off or central location is customized in advance.

Doggy Progress Reports

Details of your dog’s activities and progress will be communicated in addition to providing training tools that are tailored to your dog’s needs, which you can use to continue daily training with your family.

Cost: $45-$55 (1.5-2 Hours Session)
Additional Dogs: $35-45 Per Dog
Drive Time Charge: $30/hr. There is no drive time charge if you are located within 10 miles of Corte Madera.


Solo Canine Paw Adventures

By appointment we provide a private 60 minute run/train session. This private session is great for dogs that have aggression or anxiety issues with other dogs and/or their social surroundings. Over time we work on integrating these dogs with other dogs and work toward creating a more balanced state of mind, being overall a well rounded and happy dog in all situations. This session is designed to focus on the appropriate exercise as well as modifying undesired behaviors and training. Individualized future training strategies will be discussed, including Healing Touch Therapy as a possible integrated component to the Behavior Modification & Training plan.

Initial Assessment: $125 (1 Hour Session)
Cost: $75-$125/hr. depending on training requirements.
Drive Time Charge: $30/hr. There is no drive time charge if you are located within 10 miles of Corte Madera.


Overnight Boarding, House Sitting & Training

We only board or house sit ONLY for our regular exercise and training clients. We will take in one/two dog max at a time. During the day your dog will be able to roam outside in a fenced-in yard as well as be inside (all dogs are indoors during the night).

In the morning, late afternoon and early evening, the dogs will be taken out into the hills for runs, hikes, walks and adventures. The Ranch will provide your dog a safe, comfortable and loving environment, with exercise, plenty of mental stimulation, socialization, training and rest! House sitting possible depending on availability. Prices may vary.

If training is required, such as with puppies, prices adjust accordingly.

Cost Option 1: $90-100 (Puppies to Adults – Daily Boarding)
Cost Option 2: $185-$195 (Daily Boarding & Training)
Cost Option 3: $75-$95 (Daily House Sitting)


Rescue, Foster, Rehab & Adopt

We work with a lab rescue group called CARRE, the Marin Humane Society, The Milo Foundation, San Francisco & Oakland SPCA, Petaluma Animal Services, and The Kern Project.  Our purpose is to support in varying capacities the adoption of these mixes into forever homes. Please contact these organizations directly for possible intake. The Ranch works in relationship with them.

If you are interested in adopting a lab or any of the many fabulous other breeds of dog, view the pet list at they all are ready to share your home and partake in your love now!


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