About Our Canine Friends

Dogs are always learning. Every interaction provides dogs with information about how their behavior affects their world. If their behavior results in consistent consequences, dogs will learn to modify their behavior to maximize the good and minimize the bad. It is our job to teach our dogs how we want them to behave while making sure their needs are being met. As a dog guardians, preventing behaviors we don’t like is only half of our job. We must also substitute new activities that will appropriately channel your dog’s energy.

Dogs are the happiest when they are physically exercised and mentally stimulated on a daily basis. When your dog has burned off his/her excess energy, your dog will be much more focused and will be more open to take in what you are trying to teach them. What better way to train your dog while on the trails exercising! In addition, trail running allows your dog to encounter plenty of natural distractions enhancing training and naturally allowing your dog to become more socialized.

Training should not be demanded once a week, since the dog will perform only when “in training”. Training should be an every day occurrence, even for 15 minutes so that the positive behaviors become a way of everyday life. Not only will that make your dog a happier dog, you in turn will be a happier human being! Many “behavior problems” can be solved, or significantly decreased, simply by increasing a dog’s physical exercise and mental stimulation.


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