Meet Anne-Frans van Vliet, BA , MA , ABCDT, HTACP, TCMAA

Founder & Head Trainer

My name is Anne-Frans and I am very happy and proud to have founded The Running Dog Ranch in September of 2010. It has been a dream in the making for some years, and am thrilled to see where we will go from here over the years to come.

I have been blessed to have spend a lot of time with many dogs, and have run and climbed many mountains with them! Simply put, I know that exercise for myself and for our dogs is the key ingredient to overall happiness, overcoming and working through stressors and living fulfilled lives together. Being in the outdoors to exert energy and meet others on our path is what I believe comes natural to our canine companions. We confront and heal fears, aggression, we play and learn to become more adapt and content within ourselves. I so enjoy on a daily basis, the moments we spend connecting with each other while running and hiking the beautiful hills of Marin County.

I am certified in and practice the following services: Canine Behavior and Training,  Healing Touch for Animals, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Acupressure. I am also a DOGSAFE® certified Canine First Aid and CPR instructor. I am an active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Animal Healing Energy Therapy, and various Traditional Chinese Medicine for Animal Acupressure organizations and am involved with animal disaster rescue and relief organizations, animal rights/activism and animal sanctuaries/shelters all over the world.

I owe my gratitude, love, passion and purpose of my work to all the wonderful animals that have, and continue to come along my path. Every day I am blessed to attain a deeper connection with my animal community and am shown our respectful path together. I am very grateful for my two black labs, Kaya and Kole, and little Copie, my latest 8 pound terrier mix, as well as all the animals transitioned, who have deeply touched me and remain in my heart, supporting me on my journey.

Out in nature, we play, run, train and strengthen our relationship together. At the Running Dog Ranch, this is my reason for being. I dedicate this Ranch to Brooklyn, my beloved girl.


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