Welcome to The Running Dog Ranch!

We specialize in behavior modification, manner training, dog outdoor adventures and exercise throughout the beautiful hills of Marin. We use positive training styles and techniques to allow for a holistic approach to enhance wanted behaviors as well as modify and extinguish unwanted behaviors with a realistic and natural approach.

Our training style takes into consideration the psychology of canines, providing physical, mental and intellectual stimulation while boosting their innate capabilities to attain a balanced self in addition to integrating comfortably in our human world. All this is achieved through coaching, mentoring, socializing and team playing together using private one-on-one training sessions as well as group classes.

  • Studies show, and experts in the field concur, dogs who get plenty of exercise in nature and on a regular basis are undoubtedly more likely to be well adjusted, have less behavioral issues and will adhere more rapidly to obedience and behavior modification training.