Welcome to the Running Dog Ranch!

We specialize in Behavior Modification & Training, dog outdoor adventures and exercise throughout the beautiful hills of Marin. Using positive training styles and techniques allows for a holistic approach to enhance wanted behaviors as well as modify and extinguish unwanted behaviors with a comprehensive realistic, and natural approach.

Our training style takes into consideration the psychology of canines, providing physical, mental and intellectual stimulation while boosting their innate capabilities to attain a balanced self in addition to integrating comfortably in our human world. All this is achieved through coaching, mentoring, socializing and team playing using private one-on-one training sessions or group classes.

Additionally, we provide Alternative Holistic Healing Therapy, such as TCM Animal Acupressure and Healing Touch for Animals. Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy healing has been clinically observed for thousands of years. Health is seen as a dynamic balance of internal, physical, emotional and spiritual energetic components and functions integrating together as a whole with external environmental factors to complete balance and synchronicity. These relaxation and healing promoting methods and techniques will establish a more optimal health and overall well-being and are used for pain relief, stress reduction, accelerated injury and wound healing, improve functions of the immune system and deepen the animal/human bond. These treatment sessions can be integrated together in a session for enhanced customization.

We also offer comprehensive DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid courses to dog guardians and dog professionals interested in learning the knowledge and skills needed to proactively act as a first responder with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. The courses are approved by the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants and Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers for continuing education units (CEU’s). These courses are offered in the greater San Francisco area.


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